"Japan Is a Safe Country", or Great Modern Japanese Myths

"Japan is a safe country."
Then why do we get groped
when we are just commuting by train?

"Japan is a kind country.
People welcome and treat others with generosity."
Then why do I encounter xenophobia
quite often in everyday life?

One time someone said we shouldn't accept many immigrants.
They can threaten the safety and unity of our society.

It happened at an English chat cafe.
She was there to learn English
from "foreigners" living in Japan.
I always love this joke.

"Japan has the philosophy of mottainai."
Then why do we throw away loads of Christmas cake,
ehomaki, eels, and stuff
mass-produced for seasonal events
even though everyone knows
we don't need such a lot?

"Japan is a great country."
Then why, every year, do dozens of thousands of people
kill themselves?