Day 3: My 1st diaversary, or a diagnosis story

Let me talk about this topic in English, even though it might prevent people who visit the blog from reading this post. After getting type one diabetes, I became even more eager in learning the English language because I wanted to be able to talk about my disease in the language. Maybe now is the time to prove my improvement and practice writing about my life with diabetes.


So, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes on January 3 last year. But the very first sign appeared on December 27 in the previous year. I cleaned up our bathroom and it was quite a pain (the bathroom was terribly dirty). I felt so exhausted that I fell asleep right away and couldn't do anything next day. At that point I thought it was because cleaning the bathroom was a tough job. But apparently, it was actually because of diabetes. Getting tired easily is a typical symptom.

On the new year's eve, it happened. I already didn't feel good when I woke up in the morning. It was difficult for me just to sit straight on the chair and have breakfast. The whole of my body hurt, especially my back. I was supposed to go to part time job, but I threw up what I'd eaten and decided not to go. I couldn' t eat or drink so I got seriously dehydrated. You might suspect I got the stomach flu but I never suffered from diarrhea. I had no idea what was going on.

Instead, I suffered from nightmares. I had a poor, dystopian SF-ish dream at night. It's a little sad that my brain tried to persuade me of the cause of my critical situation by producing a silly story. The year of 2016 had already come. Can't think of any worse way to start a new year than this.

In the early morning on the new year's day, I decided to have an ambulance called because my sight was getting yellow. The whole world was turning into the works of Van Gogh. I felt death at that moment.

Actually I don't remember clearly what happened afterwards. I finally suffered from impaired consciousness. What I can recall vividly is that a doctor told us my blood sugar was over 1100. We were confused because we didn't know what average blood sugar was. Normally, it is around 100. Now you know how lucky it was that I was alive with this extremely high blood sugar. Then I was taken to the ICU, and the doctors and nurses worked hard to get my blood sugar back to nomal level. To tell the truth, throughout this, I was very defiant. I complained about everything and even swore. It's embarrassing but couldn't be helped because my brain didn't work properly. (Besides, some of the staff were rude.)

On January 3, I moved back to the hospital which I was first taken to and my doctor said I had developed type one diabetes. Soon I started studying about the disease. I'm good at studying so I learned a lot quickly. But what helped me most to accept the life with diabetes was a novel, The Martian. I talked about how it geve me courage before so I'm not going to do that here. Instead what I want to say here is that stories can defenitely help you. Even if our bodies and minds constantly change, stories are always there, stories that we can ask for a help.


It's been a year since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Today I went to see my doctor and my latest A1c is 6.5, which is not bad. I treated myself to a nice lunch and a piece of tasty cheese cake because I worked hard for this past year. This is how I celebrated my 1st anniversary.